Hello and thank you for visiting east west poppy. My name is Faten (pronounced Fa-Tin) a trained pastry chef/savvy beauty junkie and I live in America’s Finest City, San Diego a whale’s…never mind.  

Growing up in the Middle East, my favorite memories were made around the kitchen table with my family.  My baking/cooking interest was sparked by my mother who was a phenomenal cook & baker. While staying home to raise six girls, my mother managed to plan elaborate birthday parties for each of us with homemade desserts and delicious foods every year-I don’t know how she did it. Although, my baking career has broadened my expertise and skills, the knowledge I acquired in the kitchen from my mother remains priceless.

My mother and I have a lot in common, we’re foodies, beauty junkies, coffee aficionados and both share a love for fashion. We’d bond over new skincare and beauty products or interesting recipes we’d like to make together. Normally this took place over a cup of coffee and a shared pastry. Since my mother’s passing in 2010, I felt I lost my best friend and completely withdrew from most things we once enjoyed together. Five years later, I decided to revisit those memories and realized by creating east west poppy I can continue sharing the things I loved with my mom but now with everyone!

xoxo, faten (AKA foof)